More than one thousand fireworks taken off streets due to irregularities

Sent to Public Federal Agency
The Municipal Civil protection Unit recently seized more than one thousand different firework items off the streets of Peñasco.  The items were being marketed irregularly, putting the population at risk, reported Nicandro Cornejo Torres, coordinator of the municipal office.
Cornejo Torres indicated that fireworks, which together weighed nearly 150 kilograms, were taken to the investigation and corresponding legal procedures.
He explained that the fireworks, some of them quite dangerous due to their size and high powder content, were seized in response to complaints from people and following the monitoring work of Civil Protection inspectors.
Cornejo Torres stated that in addition to explosive products taken to the Federal Public Ministry, it appears the office also has other investigations underway.
The Municipal Coordinator of civil Protection clarified that his office is not carrying out a “hunt” on firework sellers in the city.  He argued the irregularities detected have been based on complaints or routine monitoring that has been carried out.
He emphasized the municipal administration is very concerned about the community’s safety, which is a priority.  Therefore, he explained, in cases where irregularities arise they are making sure actions are taken in adherence to the law.  This is particularly true with respect to the management and sale of products with gun powder, such as fireworks.

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