Micro light in Puerto Peñasco

Ultraligero-TrikePuerto Peñasco already has this kind of entertainment that no doubt will love exploring this great experience.

The ultra light sport aircraft are small, have a plane engine and are not as heavy. Flights take place at a height of 150-200 meters, although it is allowed to reach 300 meters. These ultra light carry a parachute that opens built in 4 seconds with an effective starting 50 meters.

These ultra light can be found at the entrance to Playa Bonita right after you pass Las Palomas resort or driveway to the reef, the service is all week depending on the weather, there is no service in winter, unless it’s an special occasion, the trips are accompanied by an experienced pilot, normal ride is 15 minutes and the cost is $ 40, the maximum height in normal rides is 400 feet.

Also you can make special trips per hour and will cost $ 200, the age recommended for these ultra light is not less than 5 years and into adulthood, and for very old people,  have to be in very good health, is required that the person does not exceed the weight of 300 pounds.

For these flights do not have to book, but reservations are recommended when it is high season or any special ride.

During your visit to Puerto Penasco, we invite you to enjoy this beautiful experience and if you’ve previously practiced it, you would repeat this experience again.


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