Mexio Economy looks to US Companies

With all the hype about immigration, the economy, the relative negative connotation,  there are good things coming from both. As much as some won’t like to hear it, Mexican companies are making headway in the US economy, thus strengthening their own. Mexican investors are taking advantage of the depressed US market, and in some cases, taking over US brands. Millions of pesos are being invested here in the USA to open up factories and create lots of jobs. Jorge Smeke, a professor of business at Iberoamerican University in Mexico City said that “These companies show we’re not just a bunch of uneducated migrants.”  He couldn’t have been more right with so many Mexican investors putting money into Saks Fifth Avenue to Borden Milk to Sea Side Mexico and its real estate counterpart, Realty Executives.

With all this new investment in the USA by Mexican companies, recent statistics show that about 60,000 Americans are employed by Mexican companies. The year 2009 was good to two of the largest food based Latin American companies. Mexico’s largest dairy company, Grupo Lala, based in Durango, is one of the newcomers to the USA. Their first plant was bought in 2007 in Omaha, NE. In 2009, Lala purchased National Dairy Holdings, which controls the Borden brand. Grupo Bimbo, Latin Americas largest baked goods company has also grown in the USA. In 2009, Grupo Bimbo bought Western foods, which took over 4,000 distribution routes and 22 bakeries.

Also in 2009, Realty Executives took a dip on the other side of the border, with its new owner, Steve Schwab, and then made a turn back to the USA. Realty Executives takes its fair part of the market share in the real estate world now with offices in most every state in the continental USA and being ever-expanding. In the same real estate vein, Sea Side Mexico, Mexico’s newest and fastest growing franchise property management company started its own state side property management company. Arizona Lodging Experts is its flag ship company, and is ever expanding to the rest of the southwest USA. Sea Side Mexico holds a large percentage of the market share for property rentals and management south of the border.

Mexico is slowly making its mark on the world by expanding its reach in so many diverse companies in the USA, and also overseas. In 2008, Cemex became so huge because Mexico acquired Rinker Group, from Australia to the tune of $14 billion. This acquisition also put 415 plants in the United States. The company Cemex produces concrete, cement, gravel, and other building materials.

All this expansion is great for both sides of the border. While creating jobs to help re-habilitate the weakened American economy, it is strengthening the Mexican economy. People don’t realize that Mexico is an important country not only for us here in the United States, but to the world.

Mexico is home to the world’s richest man, Carlos Slim, who also is setting up shop in the USA. He has upped his stake in Saks Fifth Avenue from 11% to 18%, and he also bought a 7% share in The New York Times Co. His company America Movil, which runs Tracfone, Straight Talk, and Net 10 has seen a 26% increase in subscribers since 2008 as well.

From Gruma, the world’s largest maker of tortillas, who makes 47% of its sales in the USA and Europe to Realty Executives ans Sea Side Mexico and their subsidieries making strides in the USA and Mexico alike, growth and expansion is inevitable for Mexico. It is making its mark on the world, and for the benefit of everyone. The USA is gaining jobs and tax money, and Mexico is making a strong hold for their own economy back home.

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