Mexico investing big to win back tourists

President Calderon announced on Monday that Mexico is launching a multi-million-dollar campaign dubbed “Mexico’s alive” to kickstart the tourism sector after swine flu scared away many visitors by killing 80 in the U.S.

The government-funded push will feature ads with opera singer Placido Domingo, champion golfer Lorena Ochoa and other national heroes.

Tourism is Mexico’s third-largest source of legal foreign income, but worries have sent hotel occupancy rates to a record low for the entire country.

President Felipe Calderon said the new campaign involved an unparalleled investment in the country’s tourism industry, including 90 million dollars over the coming months.

“It’s more than a promotional campaign, it’s a national movement which requires the participation of all Mexicans, especially those who are most well-known,”  President Calderon said, from a stage surrounded by many Mexican celebrities.

Tour companies are being encouraged to launch a wide range of promotions to lure back tourists from alternative destinations, Calderon added.

The flu’s impact, including on  tourism, was expected to cost Mexico‘s economy around 2.3 Many communities are seeing a renewal of poverty as local Mexican hotels, resorts, shops and secondary business are all laying people off or closing their door for business.

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