Metro 2, the system secret from Moscow metro

To this day still haunt many vestiges of the Cold War that would make us tremble, and that is if we think, were hundreds of nuclear installations, bunkers and other war apparatus designed to eliminate half the world in an instant. Among these secret places today I bring you one of my favorites, secret underground network in Moscow, a subway system built in the depths of the city Moscow by the KGB to connect the power centers of the capital.

His code name is D-6, and although their existence has not been confirmed or denied either by the FSB (former KGB) or the administration of the Moscow metro, everything indicates that this underground network was built in time Stalin in order to have a secret and safe place to connect the command centers of the Soviet Union in the event of a nuclear war between them would connect the Kremlin to the headquarters of the FSB, the Vnukovo-2 airport, secret military installations cheap jerseys , and even Stalin’s private residence. They say that its length is more than civil subway system (public), adding four lines to a depth of between 20 and 100 meters.

About the Metro D-6 have been told all sorts of things, from the possibility of containing inside secret school labs and missile launchers to crazy ideas like that there are giant rats, and the frozen corpse of Stalin.

Is there really this place? What is known is that there are tunnels attached to the Moscow metro that are not in the plans of the underground and have cut off the pace with metal and concrete walls, tunnels officially are no longer built upon termination of the relevant projects to expand the Civil Lines. It is also known that the city has different networks of underground tunnels created before WWII.

The legend of the place has survived over the decades, looking fed by statements from people who allegedly worked in construction, and especially by a group of urban explorers who in 1994 claimed to have found an underground entrance to the site. Also in 2006, workers who were responsible for the demolition of the Rossiya Hotel with their foundations found a network of tunnels and a huge bunker, which housed food stores, generators to produce electricity and bedrooms.

Of a paranoid like Stalin anything could be expected … someday we will know the reality of the Moscow underground

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