Mayor support for coastal fishermen

  Resources for more than 18 thousand pesos were given this day to coastal fishermen by the Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro to carry out three steps that need to be able to obtain fishing permits.

The Mayor, accompanied by the trustee Noe Bañaga Farias, the town clerk, José Ramón Campos Santos and Councilman Luis Lopez Lopez, presented the support of representatives of the fishermen.

“We have a commitment to you, so we are now handing this check to perform the procedures they lack, and know that they have our support, “he said.

Obtaining the registration and safety certificates, in addition to the certification of procurement, are the processes which will be allocated the resources that the municipal government gave them.

The fishermen expressed their gratitude to the mayor to comply with a commitment made ​​to them and expressed their confidence that this situation comes to an end as soon as possible and thus able to return to fishing activities

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