Mayor presides Acts of Flag Day in Puerto Penasco

 Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro with his wife Marcela Zepeda Albelaiz Munro and council officials also led the ceremony commemorating the th day of the Flag “where we championed to escort Elementary School “New Creation.” The Mayor made the Flag Hoisting dignified celebration commemorating the honors for the flag, and I work for the school parade presented by various schools in the community that gave even more prominence to this important event. During his speech, Zepeda Munro was a recognition of all teachers in the schools of this town for his work to instill patriotic values that strengthen our nation every day, as well as to extend congratulations to the parents that their love and daily efforts, teach that the essence of the family home. ¨ symbols are our stunning tricolor flag, with her shield the eagle in the center and the glorious National Anthem ¨, he stressed. ¨ Our gratitude to all students of different grade levels, whose dedication to study, prepare to form good citizens, soon to be technicians, professionals, workers, that will make Rocky Point, the city that all we ¨, he said. Alejandro Zepeda made a exhorted all citizens to appreciate and that is the flag the symbol that unites us, excited us, and invites us to live peacefully, without violence, so as to build together, a ¨ Peñasco for everyone with a better destination ¨. After the ceremony the parade municipal authorities alluding to this important date was decked by the bodyguards of the elementary schools and upper half certainly made this event more attractive. The event was also attended by Attorney Trustee Noe Bañaga Farias, Ramon Campos Santos City Clerk, the aldermen Raúl Méndez Rojas, Blas Marcial Bastida, Guillermo Ochoa Barragán, Aymee Soe Ayala Machain, Laura Vega Salazar and others.

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