Mayor predicts economical improvement this year

The people are the number one concern for this group of municipal leaders in 2010.  Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro has repeatedly assured his citizens that they are the number one priority of his staff and policies.
The Mayor has indicated that his plans and programs always have been and always will be focused on the improvement of quality of life for the residents of his jurisdiction.  This indication came after improvements for Puerto Peñasco’s economy were anticipated.
As a necessary part of the process of progress, the Mayor has said that he and his city employees will continue to seek the promotion of public safety by strengthening police operations by equipping more patrol cars for duty and improving the state of currently used police equipment.
2010 will be a time of difficult tasks to bring to fruition new projects to improve living conditions while offering badly needed jobs to the most economically hard hit ares of the city, the Mayor stressed.
The Mayor has made it known that the most difficult time for Puerto Peñasco is in the past in terms of the economy.  He feels that 2010 is a time when ideas for improvement will fall into place and things will get back to normal.

Zepeda Munro believes that the responsibility of progress is shared by his staff and the society they serve.  He calls to the communities to continue advancing and doing what is best for Peñasco.

On another note, the Mayor has stressed that the current municipal cabinet will not be undergoing any changes in the near future because there is no ground to make any changes.  His current cabinet will remain unchanged for now.

The Mayor addressed rumors that circulated towards the end of last year that indicated changes amongst his staff and appointed officials, stating that the rumors were just that, rumors.  He remarked that only minimum staff cuts to the local government were anywhere in sight.

Although changes of local leaders is not foreseen, the Mayor has stated that he is not afraid to make changes amongst his staff who are not performing to the best of their abilities or if an adjustment to the budget is required.
In a move to put his constituents at ease he has publicly stated that no reasons exist for concerns to be raised about the inadequacy of local leaders because all leaders and directors have exhibited a willingness to work hard perform to the best of their abilities.  The Mayor hopes that things will continue in such good order so that he may end his term with the same folks he started with.

Zepeda Munro has indicated that there will be no major cuts but minor changes may be needed when considered appropriate.  Cuts may result in office rotations that will allow the local government to do more work with less people.

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