Mayor delivers new football offices Peñasco


With an investment of 396 thousand 204 pesos Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro accompanied by officials and council members handed over the newly remodeled football offices located in the Oval · Ana Gabriela Guevara ¨, which comes to represent a significant action for the fans of the sport in the community. In the presence of the Director of the Municipal Institute of Sport and Fernando López Trasviña of Ayala Soe Aymee Councillor Machain, Zepeda Munro accompanied by members of the football leagues this port instead gave the keys to all the players gathered there. The Mayor expressed his excitement at seeing the completion of this important work is to benefit all fans of the sport today will have a decent space where they can conduct their meetings and address issues related to football. He said that it will continue to work to support the work of all the athletes from the community who have been working with great commitment and dedication to making up the name of Puerto Peñasco. ¨ I love them congratulations, and tell them that we will continue to support them, this place is for you, hope you enjoy it and continue with that strength and love for this sport that has allowed them to be great players ¨, expressed as beneficiary, the President of the Football League First Force Agustin Robles thanked the Head of the Commune the great work done on behalf of all fans of the sport, delivering a recognition of the Inhabitant by such actions and support provided which reflects the interest that has for all athletes. On behalf of the Public Works Director, Daniel Escalante explained that this space has an area of 88, 34 square meters, which were finished walls and floors, beam and vault slab, electrical and plumbing, installation of lights, doors and windows, plus bars and paint the same general

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