Mayor calls for unity and rejection of divisions

Mayor calls for unity and a rejection of divisions

Maintaining unity, while rejecting divisions, was the call launched by Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez during his second annual city address presented to the City Council and the community of Peñasco.  During the rendering of his address on September 15th , Mayor Renteria highlighted the investment of 153 million pesos in 252 project over the past year.

In a setting of complete calm, without any demonstrations or protests to report, and before an audience of nearly 400, the Mayor presented his nearly one hour address and read off the list of actions and projects his administration had achieved from September 2007 to September 2008.

He underscored achievements made in the area of potable water, road paving projects, electricity, education and public services, areas where the majority of funds were channeled.

On September 15th, at 10:15 am on the dot, the ordinary session of the city council was called to order, through with the absence of representative Fernando Garcia Pacheco who had excused himself due to a family issue.

Following official protocol and the presentation of a video prepared for the event, Renteria Sanchez began his annual address to approximately 10:40 am. And concluded at 11:38 am.   During his report, there were nine interruptions for applause, among them one following the Mayor’s report on the area of education which was given the longest round of standing applause.

With former Mayors, city officials, invited guests and members of the public in general in attendance, the Mayor gave special emphasis to the tremendous unprecedented million-peso investments in the areas of potable water and sanitation, in which during his second year in office they have been able to invest $83,557,000 pesos, bringing the total amount under the present administration to an investment of $179,975,993 pesos. In this area, he emphasized, the support of Governor Bours has been fundamental.

      Mayor Renteria detailed the construction of the new  30” diameter pipeline, the remodeling of wells and subcollectors in order to improve and increase distributions of the vital liquid to different sectors of the city, as well as the investment of 8 million pesos in assuring water service for the neighborhood of San Rafael.

Renteria Sanchez reported during past year they have applied $53,062,691 pesos to the area of public works. These founds have been put to work in priority areas including the second phase of the Comprehensive Road Paving Project, with the paving of nearly 20 streets in different areas of the city, as well as a variety of electricity projects, the improvement of educational centers and the improvements of the overall urban image.

      Undoubtedly, he stated a very important area is that of Public Safety.  In order to reinforce the peace and calm of those living in the Puerto Peñasco community, they were able to acquire 8 additional patrol units in order to monitor the city, as well as equipment consisting of weapons and uniforms in order to assure a dignified police force.

Renteria Sanchez stated that during the last two years they have been able to carry out projects and actions of tremendous worth for the community, set on the objective of improving the quality of life for all the city’s residents through Social Development. These actions have include support through providing house footing, improvements in housing, water tanks, scholarships and health programs for the benefit of the most vulnerable among us.

The Mayor remarked that currently there are still projects underway, and others that are wrapping up, including the Children’s shelter which, thanks to the enthusiasms of DIF President Minerva Ramirez de Renteria, will begin operations shortly in order to address needs of abandoned or abused children.

Furthermore, an additional 100 million pesos are to be channeled into the ongoing project to improve the city’s urban image.

After detailed the work that has been done at a number of schools, the City Leader stated that more than 7 million pesos have been channeled into education and he is confident that this has been a worthwhile investment in order to strengthen new generations.

He stressed that his administration has worked intensely on the issue of providing the community with better public services.

He reported they have put funds towards the purchase of two recent model dump trucks and have launched clean-up campaigns in different neighborhoods throughout the city in order to improve the overall urban image.

With the firm intent of raising the quality of life for those living in the community, Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez also touch on actions undertaken in the area of Sports, Health and Youth activities.  He expressed gratitude for the support of the community and collaborators, who have always made tremendous efforts towards achieving goals, acting through wise, responsible decisions for the good of general welfare.

Before wrapping up his message, the Mayor acknowledge and applauded the excellent coordination of the three levels of government in their work for Puerto Peñasco.  He stressed the need for more, as there is still a year remaining in his administration for work to continue through  the participation of society and government.

After reading through two-thirds of his address. Mayor Renteria indicated his satisfaction and pride for the work that has been developed through the support of all those that make up his administration. He stated they continue to look forward and act in a pluralistic manner for the good of the entire society with a clear vision outlined through the end of his term.

During his speech, the Mayor acknowledge Puerto Peñasco is going through some trying times including an economic downturn and a difficult financial climate, through which many have to try and row against the current.

Yet, he stated, there is confidence to forge ahead with the support of the people, to show what we’re made of while never leaving the community’s welfare behind.

The times coming for Puerto Peñasco will be better if we are all united. Democracy is among us and lives to be shared, not to divide, emphasized Renteria Sanchez.

He stated that if Sonora progresses, Puerto Peñasco will go with it; therefore the times to come will be better if there is unity and now is the time to compromise and working together in honor of people and in honor of the desire to lead a better life.

The way is marked out, we’re going to follow it in order to assure for Peñasco a Future that we all desire, concluded the Mayor before an audience that showered him with a standing ovation. 

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