Main parties and events in Colombia

Beyond the fun and the collective din, fairs, carnivals, festivals and popular celebrations in Colombia, have roots that largely explains its history and its roots. Besides showcasing traditional forms such events are a clear representation of the joy and excitement of Colombia. Attest to the cultural treasures they have and show why Colombia is catapulted as one of the most lively, diverse and friendly in the world.

Carnaval de Barranquilla
It takes place during the four days preceding Ash Wednesday in the capital of the Atlantic. These parties are a waste of enthusiasm which worships the Caribbean cultural past. The Guacherna, the Battle of Flowers Parade and are some of the events in the framework of the celebration.

Blacks and Whites Carnival
During the first days of January, the city of Pasto is adorned with the cheerful festival that invites residents and visitors without distinction of race, religion, social class and health.

Feria de Cali
Celebrating 25 to December 30 represented on a display of culture vallunos through horseback riding, bullfighting season, orchestras and music festival salsa lot, heard in clubs and popular booths dominated the joy and beautiful women. End of the year, the capital of Valle del Cauca is a single party.

Colombian Folk Festival
Ibague, the city music festival performed simultaneously with the National Folklore Reinado. In late June, the capital of Tolima is the scene of processions, parades, queens and great music.

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