Looking to attract charter flights to Puerto Penasco

Efforts to begin to draw in more aerial tourism have begun with promotional work aimed at attracting charter flights to the area in accordinated manner with tourist resorts in this port, informed Alonso Dominguez Ruiz, airport administrator.

therefore, he stated, as currently there is the capacity and infrastructure to bring in planes carrying 50 passengers or more, the intent is to establish contacts principally in Arizona and California in order to begin to bring in charter flights to Penasco.

he stressed this means the first steps in bringing aerial tourism to the area. Given the current conditions, particulary in terms of the economy, it is not really possible to being direct flights with commercial airlines.

The administrator of the new sea of cortez airport remarked that despite the economic drop affecting the U.S., private flights from the country maintain active and they have even seen an increase in operations at the airport.

Dominguez Ruis reiterated they are taking tremendous steps in consolidating a new source of tourism for Penasco as a complement to highway tourism, wich is the principal pathway for tourist currently.

It is worth recalling that the new sea of cortez airport, in which 450 million pesos were invested, began operations at the end of October and was officialy inaugurated by President Felipe Calderon on November 5th.

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