Looking at Peñasco as an opotion for health tourism

Looking At Peñasco As An Option for Health Tourism 


Tourism health is a very important alternative to attract visitors to Sonora. Rocky Point has a tremendous advantage for this type of tourism given its proximity to the United States, remarked Epifanio Salido Pavlovich, Director of the State Commission for the Promotion of Tourism(COFETUR). 


Salido Pavlovich made this statement upon heading up the local presentation of the Sonora Health Tourism Program, implemented in coordination with the Secretary of Health and the Secretary of the Economy, to attract visitors or patients from abroad for treatment in Sonora at a lower cost. 


Salido Palvovich emphasized the creation of the program is part of the follow-up on agreements reached by the Health Commission during the most recent gathering of the Border Governors held in this port. At that time they established plans to create programs and strategies to improve services. 


The director of the Tourism Commission remarked that Sonora has competitive benefits, as does Rocky Point, to take advantage of the health tourism market given that the cost for medical services on this side of the border is 30% less than that in the United States, which is precisely what they are looking to take advantage of. 


He said this could result in the possible construction of a new private clinic or the creation of alternatives to attract retired foreigners, with the certainty of receiving quality health care treatment. 


Hector Javier Martinez, representative oft the Border Commission on Health, explained that the goal of the Forum “opportunities and Perception of Health Tourism” is to promote and further health services on a state, national, and international level to care for patients in the State of Sonora. 


It is necessary to be aware of the vision and the tendencies of the market concerning the provision of health services to foreign patients, to see this as an opportunity to invest in something that subsequently will bring our community tremendous economic potential through hospitals, medical supplies, drugstores, among other benefits, he added. 


During the official closing ceremony of the meeting, Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchesz stressed that Rocky Point has the necessary tourism infrastructure conditions for this type of program while offering visitors better medical services. 


Therefore, added Renteria Sanchez, his administration is in the best disposition to provide support to create conditions and formalize the program that will be of great benefit for this tourist spot. 

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