Less RV Space For RV ‘Snowbirds’

Many RV Spaces Sold To New Development, Returning Snowbirds Surprised

By Ivan Bravo Lopez
Issue #451
Officials in Puerto Penasco have noted a reduction of space for the mobile homes (RV’s) of the tourists known as “pajaros de nieve” (snowbirds) in Puerto Peñasco.

The problem arose mostly from the selling of many of the lots where the RV’s where the ‘snowbirds’ traditionally used to settle and live during the first months of the year in this harbor. The construction of many new condominiums and buildings is the principal cause of this reduction in land and space that was formerly used to be occupied by the “snow birds”.

Surprise and displeasure were the most common reactions expressed by the North American citizens that return to the harbor to find that their space is occupied by a brand new construction project – usually belonging to a US company.

In the last months of the year the biggest concentration and population of this snowbirds is located on the border of Yuma, and in the first month of the year they make the road trip to reach this tourist destination.

Rafael Gonzales, Director of Puerto Penasco’s Conventions and Visitors Office (OCV) said that the spaces that lodge the snowbirds is already occupied at 55% of their capacity in the first days of January – and it won’t be until January 15th when it is expected the arrival of even more ‘snowbird’ tourists.

“The Snowbirds have already occupied 55% of the space, but we expect a big increase of that population by the first of the month of February”, said.

He also mentioned “I have received several comments from snowbirds about the sales of the kinds of spaces that used to accommodate this type of tourists which came year after year. But we must consider that there are condominiums being built to accommodate other kind of tourists, both local and foreign,” expressed the director of the OCV.

The “snowbirds” have been coming to this harbor for more than 15 years, but the infrastructure and demand for more space for condominiums made other needs to be increased, he pointed.

Changes in the USA’s passport rules are also going to come into play – because formerly passports were only required for those that came by airline – but the new USA federal law that will came into being by the middle of the year will not affect this kind of tourist, because the arrival of the snowbirds mostly happens during the first trimester of the year.

Campaigns To Promote National Tourism To Be Made

Because of the recession being suffered by the US economy and the shortage of investors in Puerto Peñasco, the Conventions and Visitors Office will run more campaigns to promote and attract ‘national’ tourists and investors.

Rafael Gonzales revealed that “during 2008 there would be more emphasis on the national tourist base, in addition to the seasonal vacation tourists. Since the USA market is momentarily slowing because of the economic recession, even though we expect it to recover in the coming months we know it will take time, and that’s why we must work with the national investors. Because of that we will implement promotional campaigns to attract more national tourists and investors to take this destination further, and that will be one of our foremost objectives in the OCV during 2008, to promote Puerto Peñasco further,” he said.

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