Labor Underperforming Employees are happier

Labor Underperforming Employees are happier

Logic dictates that the top performers are those who are more comfortable with their work and enjoy certain Articulos 7 y  8benefits through the recognition of their heads. But the reality is exactly the opposite. From acuerdocon some estudoos made in Atlanta, United States, people with poor job performance tend to feel more happy and satisfied than those that best meet their work.

According to Mark Murphy, director of Leadership IQ, these results may be because employees often end worst performing their work faster and they are less pressured by their bosses, making them less stressed and more comfortable with your work and personal life. By contrast, those who do better tend to stay up late editing the work of others and feel more harassed by their managers. This shows that the less responsible reassures him not intereza in if your employment status ..

In addition, the consultant looked at a technology company with a thousand employees to determine the levels of commitment they have with the company. To the question “I am motivated to give one hundred percent effort at work?” The results indicated that, on a seven-point scale, low-performing workers were engaged in a level of 5.99 points, while higher performance than a 5.36. Also, the former were more likely to recommend the company as “a good place to work.”

Finally, the study says that those who do poorly do not know they are considered as such and in most cases its performance harms the rest of the employees, generating even desire to leave the job.

These data suggest that many employers are not appreciating the efforts of some of its employees, who may choose to go to other companies for feeling frustrated. The report recommends that managers talk with workers both high or medium yield and with low yield. While the former have to let them know they are happy with their performance, the latter should point out what their weaknesses to try to improve them and not create situations of disparity and resentment among employees

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