Join forces to increase the number of foreign and domestic visitors


Rocky Point as the best destination for foreign and domestic tourists is part of the 2011 Priorities of Mayor Alejandro Zepeda said Munro after leading an important meeting accompanied by Rodolfo López Negrete Chairman of the Mexico Tourism Board (MTB).

During your visit to this municipality the Head of the CPTM prison along with the Mayor this important meeting which brought together representatives of the CVB, Sonora Tourism, hoteliers, developers and federal officials exposed the importance of continuing to work together to raise promotion of the Sonoran Spa.

In the presence of the Coordinator for the Promotion of Tourism in Sonora Javier Tapia Camou, managers of the various committees stressed that its main objective is to recover market share in addition to continuing international growth market.

Showed interest in highlighting the benefits of this city with the opening of charter flights to the Bajio and Baja California in addition to the connectivity that exists with the coastal road which will allow more people visit us every year so they can enjoy the natural beauty that has our port.

It said the resumption of charter flights from the cities of Queretaro and Tijuana Chihuahua besides the April 15 which approach a higher number of visitors, so soon is to add high-impact cities like Las Vegas Nevada, Canada, and Phoenix Arizona.

Munro Zepeda said that by working with the Federation, the state, private media and opinion leaders in this municipality may open up new markets such as Baja Calirnia, United States, Canada and possibly to increase the flow of tourists to the city .

During the fruitful meeting called for support in our city to develop world-class events that bring thousands of spectators from various destinations, this key point of this tour such as Port Biosphere Reserve Pinacate, plus continue to promote overseas with the support of public relations in target markets.

Rodolfo López Negrete external that has a very clear vision of where you want to go by what he will join forces with three levels of government to support largely on the evolution and transformation of this city with events and other activities will disseminate this tourist destination to national and international level.

He stressed the importance of publicizing the tourist spots of the city so that more people show interest in this wonderful place and thus fulfill the objectives are drawn for the benefit of this municipality.

The Head of the Commune good dispocion thanked the Chairman of the Tourism Council for the interest you have to work for Puerto Penasco for more and more people come to appreciate the attractions that account and become the best destination for tourists and for its own inhabitants.

The meeting was attended by the President of the Convention and Visitors Bureau Héctor Vázquez de Mercado, the Delegate for Tourism Laura Palacio Soto, Oscar Palacio Soto and others

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