To Jail Goes Jesus Cota Castro, Known Union Leader

PEI(State Police) apprehends and arrests 9 suspects involved in Laguna Shores strike

By Victor Salazar and Alberto Aldrete Valdez

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora

More than ten ex-workers from the Laguna Shores Real Estate Company in Puerto Penasco blocked off the company building located on the intersection of Boulevard Benito Juarez and Juan de la Barrera due to unjustified dismissal. The PEI has received a warrant against 9 of the persons that were involved in what the order states “aggravated eviction and aggravated unlawful detention”.

A warrant was issued this past Saturday the 19th of September, when the Rocky Point chief of the PEI, Luis Carlos Villalobos executed the order, of which the folio number is 881/2009II, with the date of the 11th of September of the present year. The warrant requires the capture and admission to the Centro de Rehabilitacion Social(Social Rehabilitation Centre) The accused were listed as Jesus Cota Castro, Manuel Maltos Campos, Martin Alonso Vega Gamez, Juan Jose Felix Lopez, Juan Angel Reyes Garcia, Leonel Garcia Vargas, Jose Gilberto Quiroz Alvarez, Eliazar Zaragoza Granja, and Pedro Juanes.

The document marks the aggravated eviction and unlawful detention against Laguna Shores, citing damages against Maria Guadalupe Lopez Larios, Michael Roberto Klein, Roberto Irineo Rocha, Roberto Excalante Ramirez, Maria Elena Vaca Cervantes, Hector Manuel Escalante Martinez and Manuel Rodriguez, all of whom reside in Puerto Peñasco.

Judge Leobardo Burgos Calleja supervised the detention of the above mentioned persons. The implicated party was apprehended that very Sunday and put into the Social Rehabilitation Centre, wherein the authorities confirmed their arrest.

Detainees’ relatives criticize arrest; “it is unjust”, they remarked.

Wives and family of the detainees declared the arrest as an unfair violation of labor rights at the offices of this newspaper.

The family members stated that the accusations made against the 9 detainees, “aggravated eviction and aggravated unlawful detention”, do not match the facts. By their own word, they assure that no person was unlawfully treated when the black and red flags were set; they only did not allow personnel to take items out of the building and they did not evict anyone, what is defined within their own labor rights. Amongst the complaints is the lack of payment by the company to their ex-workers. They are quick to point out that there is an embargo upon the property that repays the dropped salaries, other costs and case costs.

Without giving any names for fear of retaliation, the family members indicated that the strike was still standing “because (Michael Kline) has never been willing to negotiate with the employees; he has not even assisted any of the Worker’s Compensation Board meetings”.

They also stated that 2 of the detainees were not even employees, but there for support, for which they ask for help by the authorities to help quicken the investigations, as they could not post bail.

The group indicated that throughout the strike, (Michael Kline) was insulting them and provoking them with obscenities, such as showing them a male sexual organ made out of rubber stating that “this was what he was going to give them”. They successfully did not succumb to these provocations.

The families affirmed that they depend on the 9 detainees and find it unjustified of what they feel is a constitutional violation, that a foreigner can make fun of their situation and to worsen it, that the authorities are on the foreigner’s side.

The detainees’ families have stated that they will pressure the authorities with other methods, because it is necessary that it be known that Puerto Peñasco’s labor rights are non-existent, or in other words that no respect is given due to the authorities’ compliances with others.

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