Jesus Soto affirms fiscal agency promotes open doors

Tending to the public with open doors, while offering all possible manners to ensure fulfillment of tax payments, are the instructions to follow at the state fiscal agency, affirmed Jesus Soto Mendivil, director of the state collections office.

the recently appointed official indicated as part of this openness, they have dismissed the idea of seizing assets as a means to recover outstanding state tax collections for the time being.

He indicated that although he received the official appointment from the secretary of the treasury, Alejandro Lopez, on November 6th, he had begun work at the beginning of the month in order to become familiarized with the operations of the fiscal agency.

Soto Mendivil believed that having worked in the Puerto Penasco municipal treasury during the 2003-2006 period will be a factor in transitioning into work at the state collections agency and was even taken into account for his appointment as director.

the fiscal agent indicated in order to facilitate fulfillment of obligations they are establishing agreements with people, principally concerning the payment of license plates, which is the greatest gaps are.

He insisted that openness and dialog are principal for the fulfillment of the goals of the state office, and therefore for the time being they do not plan to take steps towards seizures in order to assure tax payers compliance.

He affirmed, in addressing the community of Puerto Penasco, that within this state office there is someone who is proudly from Penasco and with open doors to assist the community as much as possible.

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