Is Rocky Point Safe?

Is Rocky Point Safe?


Everyday in seminars, I am asked “Do you feel safe in Mexico”?  Linda & I have owned a home and have driven to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) for years.  To date, we have never had a problem.  I have been burglarized in San Diego, robbed in Tucson and stolen from in Phoenix….not in Rocky Point.

We also do not break the rules.   We drive during daylight hours and we’re not out drunk in the early morning.  Don’t let the news media frighten us.  Life’s too short!

Playa Hermosa: One of the Best Beaches in Rocky Point Mexico

Think of going for a vacation voyage if you’ve got fatigued from your daily tightly scheduled work. There is huge variety about traveling destinations and one of the most wonderful exotic vacation spots with natural beauty is Rocky Point Mexico.

What’s there in Puerto Penaso that attracts the tourist from the far countries? There are superb beaches and thrilling surroundings to enjoy along with other attractions. It is one of the perfect places where you would like to spend your vacation time.

Rocky Point Seashores Adding Beauty to It

Rocky Point, Mexico is noteworthy for its fresh, clean and gorgeous seashores that attract the tourists. The superb Sea of Cortez adds beauty to Rocky Point and more particularly, the “Sandy Beach” is such a calm place where you would just sit for a long time to get relief from nature.

1. Playa Hermosa

Besides sandy beach here, you would think of Playa Hermosa as ideal for sea sports. Enjoy all types of water-sports here with your friends as if you are the part of the Sea!

2. Playa Mirador

Would you like swimming in the sea? Here in Playa Mirador, you have a pleasant chance to swim in the clear Pacific water. Also you have fair opportunities for enjoying varied activities, festivals, local events, bars and night clubs. In this manner, you’ve everything here that can make you truly enjoy your vacation spot.

3. Las Conchas Beach

Another beach of attraction here at Puerto Penasco in Mexico is the beauty of Las Conchas beach. It is truly a inhabited region often chosen for its unspoiled water and captivating sound of the water. Get to know more about Rocky Point house rentals and have the best accommodation.

Puerto Penasco is all about stunning seashores and is often chosen for its beauty and the various beach sport activities just like swimming, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, and all kinds of water adventure. Explore the best Rocky Point vacation rentals alternatives and have the relaxed and happy staying.


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