Investment Opportunity In Mexico

Sacramento, CA – Governor Eduardo Bours-Castelo, Sonora Mexico, announced that his state is looking for American investors and business owners to think about his state before going into another foreign country. Speaking to a group of investors, business owners, and government leaders, Bours-Castelo outlined the benefits of investing today in Sonora Mexico.

“One of the reasons to invest in Sonora is our location,” Bours-Castelo told the group through a simultaneous translator. “And, although we share our border with the State of Arizona, California is very close to us. San Diego is only a five-hour drive. And, Los Angeles is only 6 hours away.”

Sponsored by the California Chamber of Commerce, attendees included Lt. Governor John Garamendi, Secretary for Environmental Protection Linda Adams, and, Secretary of Economy for the State of Sonora Francisco Diaz Brown Olea. After his presentation, Governor Bours-Castelo met with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger where they discussed investment opportunities in Sonora Mexico.

“There are many reasons to invest in Sonora. We have airports, highways, and a seaport (on the sea of Cortez) in the city of Guaymas, where we can ship to Asia. It is a seaport that could compliment seaports like that of Long Beach,” said Bours-Castelo. “But the most valuable thing Sonora offers is our people,” he continued. “We have a very well educated population. We have 31 universities and 8 technical institutes.”

When asked about plans to build the “Cancun” of northern Mexico, Bours-Castelo briefly outlined their interest to sell beachfront property for residential and commercial use, including hotels and related tourism. “We have invested $20 million on developing Puerto Penasco, which is a small driving distance from California, by building a new highway and opening beachfront properties,” added Bours-Castelo.

“It’s actually interesting to see that a Governor is doing what maybe the President of the country should be doing,” says Jesus Fernandez, Jr., an International Trade Expert. “I think in taking initiative and trying to find investments is creating employment and greater opportunity for people in the state of Sonora. It’ll bring trade opportunities and it’s getting ahead of the problem and that’s what I applaud him for,” added Fernandez.

To view Governor Bours-Castelo’s presentation, readers are invited to visit, Channel 1 “Latino Journal This Week.” The video is available on demand. Readers interested in seeking more information about investments in Sonora Mexico may also submit an email requesting information to  

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