Investment in Potable Water

10 million pesos
To be invested in assuring potable water for San Rafael neighborhood
Mayor affirms project will be a Christmas present for area
            Stated and federal resources, totaling 10 million pesos, from a non-refundable fund, will be invested to get potable water to the area of San Rafael.  This action aims to meet the strong demands of those living in this sector of the city, revealed Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez.
The Mayor reported that this would be a Christmas present for the more than 4,000 families that reside in the San Rafael neighborhood who will benefit from the piped in water. He expects the project will wrap up by December 31st of this year at the latest.
            Renteria Sanchez stated that the new investment in addition to the more than $700,000 pesos the city has already applied to this growing part of the urban zone and is an advance towards the goal of providing 100% coverage of potable water.
The Director of the Municipal Operating Body of potable water, sewage and sanitation (OOMAPAS), Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta, reported that with these resources of 10 million pesos it will be possible to practically address the entire area of San Rafael.
Figueroa Zazueta detailed that they will build a 30 kilometers network of 3” pipes, complemented with a complete circuit of pipes ranging from 8, 10 and 12 inches.  The pipeline network, he stressed, will run from the Tech to Juan Aldama St. and from the city landfill to Las conchas Blvd.
The OOMAPAS director indicated that the projects are set to get underway within about a month and a half and wrap up before December 31st he explained the projects are begin made possible with funds must be put to use this year as they correspond to the 2008 fiscal year.
Mayor Heriberto Renteria insisted  that the potable water services will be a Christmas present for the people of San Rafael, as by the end of December at the latest they will have access to piped-in water.  This measure will make the provision of water from tank deposits in this sector a thing of the past.

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