Investment In Improved Services

In a ceremony taking place at the facilities of the Fire Department, Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, joined by the Director of the Municipal Board for Consensus of Public Works, Manuel Ayala Barrón, and the Director of the Municipal Civil Protection Unit, Rubén Salido, as well as other city dignitaries and representatives, officially handed over to the department in December new dorms and restrooms, a project that was started on July 23 last year aimed at upgrading the infrastructure and services of the local Fire Department following an investment of about 280,000 pesos, which would benefit the members of this service by reaching the goal of helping to furnish decent facilities for the organization. The mayor expressed his wish that the plan would help improve the working conditions of the fire fighters.

The mayor professed his knowledge of the invaluable work of the fire fighters in always putting their lives at risk to save others and declared the need to offer them well-deserved equipment and better facilities.

After cutting the inaugural ribbon, the mayor inspected the whole new facilities of the Fire Department and took the occasion to speak to its members, listened to their needs and pledged to support them through housing plans and other arrangements in the next year.

On the same occasion, Alejandro Zepeda Munro, joined by the Director of Social Development, Ernesto Portugal García, handed 50 vouchers from the Diconsa Food Program to the fire fighters, wishing them a happy holiday season together with their loved ones.

The mayor thanked the whole department for their vigor and devotion shown day in and day out in guaranteeing the safety of city residents, especially at the time when many families spent time together celebrating. He finally voiced his confidence that members of the department would do their duties and would not neglect their work at any event.

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