Interview with Fernando Anaya

Interview with Fernando Anaya


In the case of Sonoran Resorts, we finished the last of our projects about a year ago and delivered from November, 2007 to March, 2008, practically just as the economic crisis was being declared. Fortunately, we had already had sales prior to crisis, through 2008 represented a slow time for sales.

Well..slow because perhaps we were accustomed to growth here in Peñasco, with high demand and few offerings, a time when we were lucky enough to sell many condominiums in only a few hours.

Much of our competition has lowered their prices, the financial crisis obliges you to cover your fixed expense and continue with your investments. However, in not having sales obviously you are obliged to provide specials, propose discounts, make offers, lower interests, extend financing for down payments for one or two months to a year.


In looking at the market, what do you think about this year?


I think it is adjusting, like a natural selection. As Darwin would say, the big and strong are going to survive and the weak are going to disappear, although the big ones are not necessarily the strong ones within this natural selection. Those that are able to adapt by lowering fixed expenses and increasing sales in order to remain profitable during 2009, well that’s who is going to be able to continue. There are projects that are on hold and this does not necessarily mean that their dead. One has to be more creative in order to get ahead.


More than trying to convince them to buy. I’d like to invite them to come to see and learn. It’s different when someone tells you about the good or the bad without having the opportunity to come and really see for yourself.

Come savor what Puerto Peñasco really is.




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