“CEDO receives award from the State Tourism Office Comisión de Fomento al Turismo and from the  Center for Sustainable Destination´s of the National Geographic Society.”


The intercultural Center for Study of Oceans and Deserts, A.C. received this award on the 13th of January, for being selected as a Geotourism Destination as stated by the international National Geographic Society Magazine. The award, signed by the Comisionado de Turismo, Epifanio Salido, and by the director of the “Centro de Destinos Sustentables” (Center for Sustainable Destinations) Jonathan B.Tourtellot, consisted of a beautiful plaque commemorating the inclusion of CEDO in the guide-map for Geotourism in the Sonoran Desert.


Geotourism is a new concept, still unknown to many, consisting of responsible tourism that places value on an area in which ideas such as nature, culture, history and social well being are respected and realized by the communities there.


CEDO, together with diverse community groups, created the eco touristic corridos NaturArte and it´s own educational and ecotouristic activities, to help promote and realize geotouristic activities in the area. Another memer of NaturArte, the Ejido Luis Encinas Johnson, located in the Ciénega de Santa Clara, has also been named by the naciotal Geographic Society as a geotouristic destination.


For CEDO, the value of Puerto Peñasco, the near zones and it´s nature, people abd culture are veryclear. CEDO seeks to continue driving the touristic development of the region based on these  values and seeks to improve the quality of life of the residents and the health of the regions eco systems.


To learn more about CEDO and its ecotourism initiatives please visit: The NaturArte Ecotouristic Corridor website al and the CEDO website on

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