InSANDity Beach Challenge !

InSANDity! Beach Challenge is a 2.5 mile beach run over, through and under challenging obstacles, in deep sand or shallow water, on the gorgeous beaches of Rocky Point Mexico.

Located just 60 miles south of the border, Rocky Point is Phoenix and Tucson’s closest beach. Fantastic weather, awesome sunsets, friendly people and cold beer await you. After you survive the InSANDity! challenge you can relax and enjoy your destination for the weekend!

Register by July 4 for the early registration rate of $45 per person. Registration fees will go up to $55 per person on July 4, 2012. All entries must be by PayPal which comes up at the end of each registration completed. (You do NOT have to already have a Paypal account of your own to pay.)You can form teams and run together. Simply wear similar shirts, hats, colors or whatever. Costumes are encouraged! Teamwork to get through some challenges may be required!

Runners will be divided into Waves of up to 250 runners, with the first taking off at 9AM. Subsequent waves will start at 9:30AM, 10AM, 10:30AM, 11AM, 11:30AM and Noon

The obstacles are sponsored by local Rocky Point businesses, restaurants, bars, condo and hotel resorts,and Charities, who will also be represented at the After-Party.

Each participant will receive a runner number, an event t-shirt, and tickets for the After-Party. Tickets will be redeemable for food, drink, or swag from our challenge sponsors. Live bands will be on hand to help you celebrate your surviving the course.

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