Inauguration of new facilities at Sonoran Institute

Inauguration of new facilities at Sonoran Institute

Schoolgrounds blessed by Bishop 

With the blessing of Bishop Jose Isidro Guerrero Macias, the participation of authorities from the three levels of government, and parents, the new facility of the city’s Sonora Institute were inaugurated the morning of Sunday, September 7th.  Following four years of procedures and intense work, the educational institution founded over 40 years ago was relocated to its new, modern building consisting of 24 classrooms. The facility includes areas for preschool, elementary and middle school, as well as a library, dining hall offices, civic area and athletic courts, among others.

Bishop Guerrero Macias and Municipal Secretary, Hildegardo Hernandez Castro, cut the inaugural ribbon officially marking the opening of the new school located at Alejandro Sobarzo St. and Tecla de Bustamante Ave.

After affirming that God’s work is ongoing the Bishop from Mexicali praised the work of the Sonora Institute.  He highlighted its 40 years in the formation of those in the Peñasco community, and stressed the presence of Mother Eloisa, as founder of this important task.

He stated that this project is directed towards strengthening families in order to provide tha best of what the Church can give.

He called on the community to not be afraid of giving, as they had done through this construction. He noted that everyone came together for the benefit of all, regardless of background or party affiliation.

Director of the Sonora Institute, Mother Rosalina Anduce Esquivel, stated that through tremendous effort and participation of many people it was finally possible to complete the new building, an endeavor that had been undertaken nearly four years ago.

She thanked former mayor Ramon Martinez, current mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez, and father Carlos Jimenez Gomez as their support was fundamental in carrying out this project.

She also gave thanks for donations made by various individuals and companies for the construction of the building.  She exclaimed that the project is now a reality in helping to provide better educational services in Puerto Peñasco.

Municipal Secretary Hildegardo Hernandez Castro expressed gratitude for the work done by parents, along with authorities, to bring about the happy conclusion to the construction of the new Sonora Institute. 

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