Hurricane Jimena draws cloud over Peñasco but blows by

A blue alert, the lowest warning measure, was decreed in Purto Peñasco in light of the threat of hurricane Jimena, which dissipated before affecting this part of the Upper gulf on California, reported Nicandro Cornejo, director of the municipal unit of civil protection.


Cornejo Torres indicated that despite the alert level, measures were taken locally and the course of the weather pattern followed to prevent surprises.


He detailed that potential shelters were designed and set up, as well as the pinpointing of zones of the greatest risk, either due to wind or flood, which are on the outskirts in the former case and the neighborhoods of Benito Juarez and Brisas del Golfo in the latter.


Cornejo highlighted that given Puerto Peñasco has a viral alert stemming from the H1N1 flu, they are taking this into consideration as part of emergency preventive measures to prevent agglomerations of people at potential shelters.


The director of municipal civil protection recalled that historically Peñasco has not been an area with favorable conditions for hurricanes, yet that is no reason to let one’s guard down.


The director of the municipal civil protection reiterated that although this city is an area considered to be low risk, it is important to be prepared, as in previous years meteorological surprises have hit the area.


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