How to Rent Your Home and possibly get more.

How to Rent Your Home and possibly get more.

Be aware of potential tenants’ first impression of your home…… can it be improved?
Consider landscaping needs, how does the property look when the Renter drives up the property? Does it look manicured and taken care of? Is it in top shape?Paint your home’s interior and exterior neutral colors to maximize its appeal and protect it from weather damage. Paint often remember ocean front properties in the Sea of Cortez have to endure the extreme conditions of the second highest salt content water in the world, Extreme humidity during the July, August and September months, the heat of the Sonoran desert and sand blasting from the wind whipping the beach up against your house during the windy months.Check your windows and screens: fix any cracks or holes. Make sure they all work. Renter seem to be extra hard on screens.Have your heating and cooling system and fireplace serviced to ensure maximum performance, and prevent costly repairs later.Clean all carpets, tile, and upholstery regularly. Replace any that are not in top conditionMake sure all appliance are in good working order

Store or dispose of extra furniture to make rooms look more spacious Clean out your garage, attic and other storage areas Remove, or clearly identify, any items that a tenant may want, but which are not being left behind Check out your competition to ensure that your rent price is competitive

Before spending your time and money on improvements, consult with a professional property manager who can give you advice on how to get the best results.


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