How do I drive to Rocky Point?

From Phoenix, take Interstate 10 West towards Los Angeles and turn off at Exit 112: Highway 85 to Gila Bend. Pass through Gila Bend and turn right at the sign towards Ajo/Mexico (still Highway 85). Continue on 85 to the border. Once in Mexico, continue straight until you reach a stop sign. Turn to the left and go over bridge, veering to the right at the “Y” shortly thereafter towards Puerto Peñasco. Continue on this road until you reach Puerto Peñasco.

From the southern part of Phoenix, take Interstate 10 East and turn off at Maricopa Rd. Exit (South). Continue on Maricopa, passing the Casinos and through the small town of Maricopa. Turn right where the road ends (next to the Burnt Bun Café) and continue on this until you reach Interstate 8 West towards Gila Bend/San Diego. Exit in Gila Bend and follow the directions as indicated above.

From Tucson, take Highway 86 West to Why, turn left unto Highway 85 and follow the directions indicated above regarding past the border.

How long does it take to get to Rocky Point from Phoenix?
The drive is a scenic four-hour drive through the town of Lukeville, Arizona.

What documents do I need to get into Mexico?
If you are going to Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) you will only need your driver’s license and you don’t even have to stop and get a visa since it is considered in the “free zone.” You will, however need Mexican car insurance (see next question). If you plan to go to Mata Ortiz, or further south into Mexico you will need to get a tourist visa (FMT) either at the border or in the US through a Mexican Consulate before your trip. There is a tax on this of about $18. Generally, citizens from the United States are required to have either a valid passport or a certified copy of their birth certificate with an accompanying photo I.D. Keep in mind; however, that all bank transactions in Mexico (changing traveler’s checks for example) usually requires a passport. If you fly into Mexico – say to Mexico City on your way to Cuernavaca – the tourist visa form will be given out on the airplane before your arrival at the airport and is also available in the airport in the immigration area. The form needs to be presented to immigration officials upon arrival; the officials will then give you a certain allotment of days to stay in Mexico (usually about 30 or so). Tourists with an FMT visa are allowed to stay in Mexico for up to 6 months though this may require going to an immigration office to add days to your visa. If you know how long you plan to be in Mexico tell the officer how many days you need (though they do not always grant you that amount). The following items are prohibited to enter into Mexico: absolutely no firearms, more than 3 liters of alcohol per adult, and any illegal substances (drugs). Laptop computers are permitted for business purposes.

How about driving into Mexico?
Car insurance from the United States is not recognized in Mexico so you will need to purchase Mexican insurance. This is available at the border and is generally available on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. If you plan to travel further into Mexico (past the Free Zone) with your car you will also need to get a permit at the time you cross the border. In order to acquire the car permit you will need the original and a copy of: the car title, your valid visa (from immigration), a driver’s license, passport, or copy of your birth certificate, and a valid credit card. If you prefer to pay in cash you will be asked to leave a $200 USD deposit at the border. After visiting Mexico, you must check in at the border so that the permit may be taken off your car by the designated officials. This will also guarantee that you will not be charged for not reentering the US. Car permits are generally valid for a period up to 6 months. Cars entering only the area known as the “free zone” do not need to get this permit, though are required to have Mexican insurance. The free zone includes the area along the border and up to approximately 60 miles.

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