Horseback Riding in Rocky Point

Horseback Riding in Rocky Point

Pinto! Bayo! In Apache, Sioux and Indio, too! “It’s just Armando Rolon, owner of Rancho El Establo (El Establo) here in Rocky Point compilation of his best horses for a trip to the sandy beach.

The weather is beautiful in Puerto Penasco these days and there are few more relaxing activities and peaceful to wander along the edge of a calm sea while mounted in the comfort of a hand-made fine leather Charro saddle up a horse-friendly. Armando has the experience of many visitors along the sandy beach during the coldest period of the fall, winter and spring in Puerto Penasco.

A real rancher, Armando rarely exhibits his estimates for the extreme summer heat Rocky Point ponies. Foals appreciate. You can tell, because usually expressed occasionally looking back to the way they let you know they are enjoying the adventure as you are. As saying: “We are delighted to have him on board, friend!”

thingsrpDuring the season, he is Armando and his able assistant, and his son, Juan Antonio, and selected assemblies are directed along the way to serve the visitors with a walk on the beach every day. Their rates are reasonable at $ 20.00 USD or $ 200 pesos for half an hour and $ 30.00 US for one hour. Still accepts pesos exchange 10-1, so it is a better deal for the gringo gentlemen who currently receive about 13 pesos for one dollar. Paid in pesos at the exchange and is saving over US $ 4.00 for a walk half an hour!

Even cooler is that you do not have to do anything to hitch a ride with these people on horseback. If you’re on the beach anywhere in the reef (the westernmost end of the sandy beach) Princess (approximately the midpoint towards the eastern end of the long stretch of soft sand), which will go through each pair hours. You do not miss them as well, unless you are in a deep sleep, in a sailboat, kayak, jet ski or banana, which in all cases, but sleep one, you will see them on their way back to the beach. You can also catch allows them to rest their horses on the beach, usually in front of the sea or Sonora Sonoran Spa Resorts Condominium and chat with people on the beach. Wave or walk to them and express their wishes. They will be happy to do so.

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