Everyone loves flour tortillas, Sonora our capital is known for the great flour these tortillas have. Puerto Peñasco has several places where they sell flower tortillas and you will love them.

The recipe is easy you will need flour of course, hot water, salt, baking powder and grease, mix everything until you get the sensation of softness make flower balls and extend them to a circle, at last put them in the pan to cook on both sides and eat them with butter, you will enjoy the flavour.

They are several places where they sell tortillas, in the big stores, but I warranty the best flavour you will find them in is the smallest shops. If you are staying on the beach they are some ladies that sell them and deliver at the front of your door.download (1) You can make all types of foods that include flour tortillas; the beef burritos, the carne asada tacos, the quesadillas and more just have the most amazing taste mix everything and enjoy.

Sonora our state is known for our beef and tortillas, we have a special tortilla called sobaquera that measures 16 inches they are very thin and special for the burros longos filled with different flavour meals to enjoy.

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