A dream come true for Puerto Penasco is to have our Home Port ended, we are proud to have the joy of living and lead our daily lives in this beautiful place with the contrast of the desert and the ocean together.

The home will be one of the most modern in Latin America. With this Rocky Point will have the option to cruise ships different industries will be interested in this magnificent place of Sonora.


The big advantage is that our Sea of ​​Cortez is navigable all year and with this project (Home Port) would travel from California, Arizona, New Mexico, utha. Texas Nevada and other parts of Mexico. A complete time will have a great economic impact on Peñasco that will return the old status that this port had before the economic crisis.

The big difference this Home port to others is that others besides former home ports are sites that were remodeled as such, however this is built from scratch. Keep in mind that with this construction 300 jobs which in turn will generate 600 indirect jobs which alivianaran life of the inhabitants of Peñasco be generated. They are 300 million pesos investment that have already joined the 191 million pesos already invested since 2013. No doubt the Home Port is something that will give international prestige to Puerto Penasco.

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