Historic highlights

In 1826, William Hale Hardy, aboard his ship “La Bruja”, sailed the coasts of Sonora and Baja California and christened this spot with the name of Rocky Point.
Vistited by bold American fsherman during the trwnties and, many years before by Papago natives.
It was natural refuge for nomad fishermen “en route” tothe Gulf of Santa Clara and San Felipe.
This desertic spot became a fish camp in 1928 when John Stone drilled the first water well and built the “Marine Club” also known as Hotel Peñasco.
The idea of a resort are was born when Stone opened the club and casino, where Americans could play dice, cards and roulette. There were even flights from Tucson and Phoenix.
In 1936, 110 years later after the christening of Rocky Point, then President General Lazaro Cardenas promised to join this port with the rest of the country through the construction of a dock for large cargo ships, a highway connecting it to the Unites States and a railroad to the Northwest and South of Mexico.
All of this, with the exception of the big cargo ships, came to pass.
Other visionary entrepreneurs in Rocky Point were Ricardo Hussong, who promoted Hotel Cortez (now Viña del Mar) and Andy Chersin, who built the beachfront cabins called “Playa Hermosa Resort” with a fleet of boats for sports fishing in the fifties.

Those were the days of the United States Prohibition. The locals say that Al Capone, the famous booze smuggler, preferred Rocky Point as his hideaway. The famous stone hotel, at Old Port, is said to have belonged to Capone, and built by John Stone. Legend has it that Capone used to party at the Marine Club and that it was a place of luxury and pleasure for many businessmen  of that era.
This local legend has been inherited by the locals, and it enhances the allure of this beachfront destination.

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