Highlighting the Unity of the Mexican Nation

Celebrating the 145th Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla

The monumental flag waving over the Founders malecon boardwalk, rippling in the breeze while providing emphasis of the union of the Mexican Nation, celebrations were held marking the 145th anniversary of the defense of the country at the battle of Puebla on 5 de mayo in 1862.At around 9 am , civil and military authorities as well as a handful of representatives from schools and parents gathered on the founders malecon boardwalk in order to commemorate the historic event which saw the defeat of the then strongest army in the world, that of France.Francela Lopez Castro, City Trustee, stressed that both 145 years ago, as well as today, it can be seen that the union of a people is not easy to tear down.

In an official speech regarding the battle of Puebla, she noted that the date of 5 de mayo is an important date in Mexico history, as it was then that the Mexican army, under the leadership of Ignacio Zaragoza, was able to defeat a stronger force despite military disadvantages and in numbers.

In this manner, she added, it was also show that there are no inferior peoples.

Children from various city schools participated in the event with dance, poetry and other artistic numbers marking the celebration of the 5 de mayo celebrations and calling on all to defend the sovereignty of Mexico throughout the year.

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