Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a great holiday season. We got a ton done and was able to see most of the family. In the first week off we had Mom, Jim, Katie & Josh here. They worked for three days straight on various house projects, getting FiFi/Filbert’s room ready and assembling the crib. I think a conservative estimate would say that they saved us about 8 weekends worth of work. I’ll send some photos as the room shapes up. It was amazing to have them here for Christmas! We had a laugh playing Katie’s new Wii and even took a walk on the beach on Christmas day.

The second week of our holiday vacation, we went to Tucson to visit the Gideon/Wilson clan. The highlight of the weekend was our niece Maya’s baptism. She did great! It was a long service and she got water poured over her head, but she didn’t even cry. What a trooper! All and all it was a beautiful day. Here is a photo of the Gideons and one happy Maya.

Later that afternoon we went to Rocky Point, Mexico with Ryan, Monica, Maya, cousin, grandparents and aunts to enjoy New Years at the Sea of Cortez. It was wonderful to be down by the sea, even though it was a bit chilly. We were amazed at how much the whole area had changed. What was once a quiet little get away, is now a bustling resort town. Here is a photo of Brendt and I on Sandy Beach in front of Aunt Dolores’s condo.

Now we’re back in San Diego, trying to get our lives in order before going back to work. We’re also preparing for Katie Neundorf, my cousin’s wife. She’s going to be staying with us for 3 weeks while she does a rotation at a local hospital.

2008 here we come!

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