Great Opportunities for Familes of Rocky Point

A total of 37 women took part in training course workshops offered at the Municipal office covering cosmetology, and also courses on gelatin and cheese preparation. These courses were offered in conjunction with DIF, the Integral Family Development program. Of the women, 16 took the cosmetology course, and 21 learned about cheese and gelatin preparation. Jessica Abril Monreal and Flora Munguía de Encisco taught the courses and were at the ceremony on the patio of the DIF offices. The president of DIF, Marcela Albelais de Zepeda, encouraged the women in attendance to always work toward their goals and keep a high self-esteem. Some of the women that took these courses took time out of their personal lives to participate in these workshops, knowing that upon completion, they will have learned new skills to better themselves and the lives of their families.

One of the 37, Socorro Cortez Estrada was one of the first ones to receive a document of achievement for her participation. With this, she will be able to get a job or even work for herself. The president of DIF and the city secretary, José Ramón Campos Santos they urged the women to continue taking advantage of the opportunities the Mayor, Alejandro Zepeda Munro is giving by creating all the new avenues to improve local family economies.

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