Graduation of the 3rd Generation for the Certification Real Estate Management

By Rita Pizarro

On January 29th, 2008, the Technological Institute of Puerto Peñasco proudly hosted the graduation ceremony for the 3rd generation of real estate management professionals. This is the culmination of 102 hours of training that these real estate professionals took to comply with the new laws of the State of Sonora. All the graduates were present and the podium was composed of: Lic. Hidelgardo Hernandez Castro, Municipal Secretary, representing Lic. Heriberto Renteria Sanchez and the city, Lic. Rodolfo Elias Calles Dingfelder , General Director of Commerce and Services representing the Secretary of Economy of Sonora, Kent White president of AMPI, Mtra. Elizabeth Perez Jimenez representing Lic. Arnoldo Soto Soto, President of the Board for the Sonoran Institute of Public Admisnistration (ISAP) and Lic. Carmen Lorena Martinez Laborin representing Reid Cossey, President of PPREA.

The Ceremony started with the words of one of the graduates, Carmen Lorena Martinez . She gave a very touching speech about entering the classroom for the first time as one person and being a different person now, with new friends, new knowledge and new professionalism. Happy knowing all the graduates that now make up a network of friends and resources. Not happy about the few extra pounds gained with all the wonderful snacks shared during the classroom breaks!

Lic.Rodolfo Elias Calles Dingfelder spoke to the new graduates saying that, starting February of 2008, there will be inspections throughout the state to make sure that any person receiving monetary compensation for the sale of real estate must be certified in real estate management. He congratulated the 40 new graduates who are now in compliance with this state requirement and said that there are now about 500 professionals in the State of Sonora. He urged the real estate professionals to take care of clients in every transaction and to stay in the business for the long run, saying that this profession is not a 100-meter sprint, but a marathon. All professionals should be in this for the long run, not to just make a quick buck on a commission, and that with this long run we will have a win-win situation for all involved in real estate transactions.

The Representative from the City of Puerto Peñasco, Lic. Hidelgardo Hernandez Castro started his speech saying that, looking at the room, he could see two united nations coming together by their dedication to the real estate profession with everyone committed to participating in the municipality as real estate agents. He said, “You will be the face of the industry and we want that to be your best face. We are making it safe for investors to come and have legal transactions.” He went on to say, “The administration of Heriberto Renteria Sanchez declared 2008 the year of education and values and this is the part of the education and the way that you realize this activity will decide the values.”

Then we had the words from Mtra. Elizabeth Perez, “I welcome you to this closing ceremony of the 3rd Generation for the Certification in Real Estate Management. It is an honor for me to close with the delivery of these diplomas for all of your efforts that, besides adding professionalism to you, gives you access to the State Registry of Real Estate Agents that the estate of Sonora is currently promoting. This is a way to offer more judicial security to those that act as intermediaries in real estate transactions like purchase/sale, renting and other legal operations related to real estate. The design and implementation of this certification is based on an agreement between the Secretary of Economy of the State and the Sonoran Institute of Public Administration (ISAP) for the last 5 years. Based upon this agreement, the ISAP has finished 11 of these certification courses, having graduated more than 500 agents from different parts of the state who, almost immediately after finishing the course, become registered with the Secretary of Economy. Please receive, from all of the involved staff, our most sincere congratulations. We hope to have met your expectations. We leave our commitment open to keep updating and improving the mechanisms that are going to help us have a better government through education and continuous development.”

We Also enjoyed the words of Kent White, the President of AMPI who said, “We have come a long way in our quest for a cooperative, accountable system – one that honors hard work and integrity.”

Mr. White went on to say, “Last week, along with Sonora’s other AMPI presidents, I had the opportunity to meet with the Secretary of Economy. Their department has acquired a list of all companies and agents involved in the sale of real estate from this community and enforcement agents are currently processing this information and letters will be issued soon. Any person earning an income based on commissions from the sale of real estate property in the State of Sonora will be soon mandated to hold licenses earned by the same steps you are going through today. As trusted representatives involved in some of the most important investments in peoples lives, we need to be held accountable, and we need to hold those around us accountable. We have the knowledge to protect all buyers and sellers in any real estate process. Let us use this knowledge with honor. This slowing trend we are witnessing will create what some are already referring to as the great cleansing. The forthcoming licenses and legal structure will help insure that the weeding out process honors hard work and integrity. Without proper enforcement, a law is nothing but a wish. It is AMPI’s position that any and all persons who receive income based on commissions from the sales of real property should be held liable for their actions under the law as it is applied to licensing and the standards that AMPI represents. Our role in enforcing the decisions made by the Secretary of Economy is the mandate that all our associates are in compliance with the law. We must work only with professionals in compliance. In many ways, the future of this community is in our hands. With its positive or negative growth being so important to the lives of thousands, we need to make proper choices and together we can make a difference. Puerto Peñasco has been very, very good to me and I want to represent it to the best of my ability. I pray that we can all work together, towards a common goal based on the best interest of our community as a whole and not on the presumption of making a quick buck. In closing, I would like to thank those who helped make this moment possible: ISAP, the Secretary of Economy, Institute of Tecnology, Maru Zacatelco for translating and, of course, Claudia. To you, I say God Bless you all…and Thank You.”

Congratulations to all the graduates from this third generation class and special thanks to Maru Zacatelco who prepared the translation of every class for all the English speaking students. I wish you all good fortune and safe transactions in the real estate market!

Rita Pizarro is a local massage therapist and freelance writer. You can reach her locally at (044-638) 386-5203 or from the U.S. at (602) 748-4134 or email her at

Lic., Lic.Rodolfo Elias Calles Dingfelder , General Director of Commerce and Services from the Secretary of Economy.

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