Governor inaugurates Padrés clinics and Red Cross mobile clinic.

Red Cross has the respect and appreciation of all the Sonoran so from the State Government will support any initiative that will benefit vulnerable social groups said the Governor Guillermo Padres to open new clinics and mobile clinics in support of migrant groups.
At the start of this program Padrés accompanied the Governor, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Red Cross, Daniel Goñi Díaz, Carlos Figueroa Vice Freaner National Red Cross and Karl Mattli, representative of the International Committee of Red Cross.
Mobile clinics will support and comply with migrant groups along the U.S. border in a joint effort between the Government of Sonora, the Mexican Red Cross and International Red Cross.
“This is a special program to assist a specific population and in a specific region, the aim is to provide guidance, technical assistance and of course prevention and care. ”
The program helps immigrants start in the municipalities of Altar, Nogales and Naco, where the flow of migration is particularly strong.
The Governor’s father offered full support to this program that begins in Sonora and in the short term will be extended to other regions.

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