Got Boat, take it to rocky point boating on the sea of cortez

Got boat
Take it to rocky point boating on the sea of cortez

       Most boat enthusiasts from Arizona are unaware how easy it is to travel with a boat to Puerto Peñasco. not by boat, but with  boat….yes, I mean hitchin your favorite floating friend  to your truck or SUV hauling it across the Mexican border to the beautiful sea of Cortez. Crossing the border at Luke-ville/Sonoyta with a boat is not as difficult as one may think. In fact, quiet the opposite is true, it’s a relatively simple task. To show how easy it is to all those gringo’s who imagine they will lose their boat, wreck their boat or encounter foul play if they cross the border, we recently chronicled the journey from phoenix to Rocky Point.

Friday 10:30 AM

Getting ready to leave phoenix-destination Rocky Point, Mexico.

Hit the road Friday morning, no-thing like getting out of dodge a little early to jump star the weekend. Weather: A bit cloudy, which is a bit unusual for a March day in Phoenix, but actually nice to have the cloud cover.                                        On board we have two seventeen year old and two adults ready for a boating adventure.

Before we go: Backed the truck up to the boat, chained the boat, attached the trailer, checked lights and filled the boat gas tank (this is an option as it is heavier to pull and you can by gas at various stops on the way, at the border and in Peñasco) Checked t he lug nuts on the trailer wheels, greased the wheel bearings, put the cover on the boat.

Checklist for the boat to cross the border:

*Current boat registration

*Title to the trailer

*Owners passport or a driver license and a birth certificate.

Friday 12:00 AM

First stop: Arrive in Gila Bend, take rest stop break. Weather: Looks like rain, good thing we have all the luggage in trash bags in the back of the pick-up truck. Trip to Gila Bend is easy and uneventful. Travelers are hungry so we cruise through the Burger King drive-thru… with the boat. No problems, just like driving in the car and you can still have it your way, even with a boat behind you.

Friday 1:15 PM

Second stop: Arrive at the Lukeville border: rain(really just a drizzle)however it finally stopped and the weather in front of us looks like nothing but blue skies.   Fueled up the truck with gas at the border (Mexico gas is much cheaper then the U.S prices). Purchased some more supplies at the border store and took another potty break. (3 females with small bladders in the car) Got the green light at the border. Hoping for red so we could detail any new questions but they just waived us through. Piece of cake. If we would have had the red light we may have been asked to pull the cover off the boat so they could look under, show the boat registration and trailer title. Very simple as long as you have your paperwork, proper ID and are prepared.

Friday 3:35 PM

Last stop: Puerto Peñasco. weather: Blue skies, not a cloud in sight, and wonderful warm temperature… we have arrived in paradise.                               Drove directly to the marina to launch the boat. Safe Marina is where we booked a slip for approximately $30 a day. There are several marinas to dry dock or rent a slip by the day, weekend or year. See below for list.

Friday 5:30 PM

Cocktails and sunset on the water. Weather: deeper blue skies, warm, but with a slight wind. As the sun sets, pink, red and orange streaks fill the sky. Another fabulous Rocky Point sunset.                                                                                  Margaritas on hand good music playing on the IPOD or satellite radio and a beautiful view as we glide across the water. Folks, it just doesn’t get any better then this. The best thing is when you come off the water, park in the slip, jump out and head to your condo. Where can you stay in Arizona where you are only 5 minutes door to door from launching the boat?                                                         

Saturday – all day

A day of boating on the sea of Cortez- magnificent. In my pinion this is much nicer than the crowded lakes in Arizona. Weather: Blue Skies, sunshine and warm temperatures, great tanning weather. Cruised the sea of Cortez all day stopping at Balboa’s for lunch, and JJ’s cantina for snack.

Sunday – all day                                                                                                                                          Another spectacular day of boating on the sea of Cortez. Weather: Repeat of Saturday but even more beautiful if you can image.                                          Inflated the sea doo inner tube raft and pulled the girls around from the harbor to Cholla Bay. Wind picked up a little in the afternoon so we headed back to the narina. Pulled the boat out and it was loaded onto the trailer by the marina employees, for the ride home. They will flush the boat out for $5 and wash the boat for $5. pay the $5 to flush the salt water out. Well worth it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Monday – (early morning) – going home

Weather: is incredible, definitely do not want to leave the blue skies and warm temperatures. No wind. Hate to leave. Crossing the border to re-enter into the USA was very simple. A few questions from the US border, such as: Who owns the boat? How long have you owned the boat? Did you sleep on the boat?  That’s it… the whole 3 hour tour…and before you know it you find yourself back in the United States after a great weekend of boating on the ocean. The beautiful ocean which is less than 4 hours from Phoenix with plenty of room for everyone.           In my opinion, it doesn’t get much better or easier than that.

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