Golf in Sonora

                 Golf in Sonora


In Sonora, various locations in and outside the major cities have been cleared to practice this sport, attracting the attention of both local and tourists thanks to its practical benefits they entail. Moreover, as the golf courses are often away from the cities, the air is less polluted, thus achieves an adecuate healthy higher blood  and pulmonary oxygenation.

From the physical standpoint, golf practice healthy exercise involves having to walk considerable distances outdoors, on a gently hilly and rough terrain. Having to cover on foot, for about four hours, the miles game is a benefit for both the heart and the circulatory system, as active apace, acceptable for any age.

The golf courses in the state are: San Carlos, Nuevo Guaymas, Sonora Golf Club Marina San Carlos Phone 01 (622) 226-1020 / 226-1120 18 Holes / golf.html,

Ciudad Obregon, Sonora Golf Club Ciudad Obregon Telephone: 01 (644) 4180044 / 418-0151 18 Holes.

Hermosillo, Sonora Los Lagos Golf Club Phone: 01 (662) 260-8860 / 260-8862 18 Holes, Real Club de Golf de Las Palmas Phone: 01 (662) 210-1804 / 215-9269 9 Holes, Club Campestre Hermosillo Phone: (621) 224-3095 9 Holes

Cananea Cananea Sonora Country Club Phone: (645) 332-6940 / 26881

Puerto Penasco, Sonora Las Palomas Beach Camp, Golf Resort Phone: 1-866-360-2324 (from the U.S.) 18 Holes Jack Nicklaus Golf – Mayan Palace Phone: 52 (638) 383-0402 18 Holes Tel: (638) 383 0400 Jack Nicklaus Golf – Laguna del Mar Phone: 1-877-LMD-INFO (from United States) 18 Holes

Nogales, Nogales Sonora Country Phone: 01 (631) 312-1347

9 Holes

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