Gibbons visits Nevadans patrolling Mexican border

Bonanza News Service
August 12, 2007
Gov. Jim Gibbons flew to the Mexican border this week, meeting with Nevada National Guardsmen who are helping federal agents patrolling near San Diego.

“My service in Congress led me to be acutely aware of the importance of secure borders,” he said in a report on his visit.

Gibbons told reporters he believes Congress and the president should continue funding deployment of guardsmen on the border, saying the program is dramatically improving border security. The guardsmen build fences and other structures to stop illegal border crossings, he said, which helps free immigration agents to track down illegals as they attempt to enter the U.S. The troops are stationed at Camp Morena, Calif.

This coming week, he said, he will travel to Mexico to meet with President Felipe Calderon and other officials to discuss not only border security but trade and tourism. He said that discussion will also include efforts to stop the flow of drugs, especially methamphetamine, into the U.S.

The trip, starting Monday and ending Wednesday, will include stops in Mexico City and Guadalajara. Gibbons also will meet with ministers and other high-ranking government officials.

On Aug. 23, Gibbons is also scheduled to meet with Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano to discuss shared border security issues, including immigration, homeland security and drug trafficking.

Although Nevada does not share a border with Mexico, border security has a significant impact on the state, according to Gibbons’ office. More than 90 percent of the methamphetamine confiscated in Nevada is smuggled in from Mexico.

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