Funds from Rio Colorado Bridge trust freed up

Funds fron Rio Colorado Bridge Trust freed up
100 million pesos authorized for project in San Luis, Sonoyta and Puerto Peñasco
The freeing up and authorization of funds from the Rio Colorado Bridge Trust, which to date tops nearly 100 million pesos, was, recently given in this city, through a unanimous agreement issued during session number 36 of the technical committee of said Trust.
This decision was taken nearly two years after the municipality of San Luis Rio Colorado presented a constitutional complaint against the State Government, noting their disagreement with the proposal of using funds for projects of regional impact. The suit, in fact, has yet to be resolved by the nation’s Supreme Court.
Ernesto Vargas Gaytan, Sonora Secretary of the Treasury, reported that following the session, which lasted just over half an hour, representatives from the three municipalities, San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonoyta and Puerto Peñasco, approved the use of funds accumulated over the nearly two years.
He stated they agreed that the nearly 100 million pesos available from fees to cross the Rio Colorado Bridge will be used in the same way as before, or rather 54% for San Luis, 16% for Sonoyta and 30% for Puerto Peñasco. In real numbers, he remarked, this means $54 million pesos for San Luis, $16 million for Sonoyta and $30 million for Puerto Peñasco.
Vargas Gaytan commented the resources would no longer be invested in highway project, has been proposed, but rather each municipality will determine the projects to be developed with these funds.
The secretary of the Treasury announced that despite the constitutional controversy currently in the courts, this agreement of the Technical Committee of the Trust is applicable.
Gaytan, who also serves as the Vicepresident of the Technical Committee of the Rio Colorado Bridge Trust, stressed there is not a strict period of time for the use of the funds made available through this trust.
He stated with the granting of authorization for the investment of 100 million pesos the question now is only for the municipal administrations to go about the necessary paperwork in order to being using the funds.
Participants in the 36th gathering of the Technical Committee included the Sonora Secretary of the Treasury, Ernesto Vargas Gaytan, judicial director of the state government, Gustavo Bustamante, coordinator of Assets and Concessions, Eliseo Morales, as well as Puerto Peñasco Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez, and Mayor Raul Contreras from Plutarco Elias Calles. There was no representative from San Luis Rio Colorado at the meeting.
Mayor applauds freeing up of funds
The highly anticipated freeing up of funds from the Rio Colorado Bridge Trust is very important and one that will allow for the creation of projects during a time of economic crisis, along with the accompanying benefits this represents, affirmed Peñasco Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez.
The Mayor stressed they were able to reach a unanimous agreementto begin applying these funds now, which had been back since the beginning of 2007. In the case of  Puerto Peñasco, he noted, these funds will be channeled into projects to help improve the city’s image.
He detailed that of the nearly 30 million pesos that correspond to Peñasco, nearly 10 million have already been invested into municipal funds, though nearly 20 million remain to be put to use and will be invested in upcoming months.
Renteria Sanchez remarked they are considering channeling the funds towards the construction of sidewalks and public lighting along streets paved under the current administration, as well as into other projects in the area of urban improvements.
The Mayor added that with these resources from the Rio Colorado Bridge Trust, and despite the current economic crisis, the municipal authority will maintain steps to use funds in projects to confront the lack of circulating monies.
Renteria Sanchez reiterated that the work of his administration will continue to focus on developing projects that truly promote the progress of  those in need and in priority areas such as education, public safety and basic services.

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