France generates energy from cactus

Research Center Paul Pascal, CNRS (National Scientific Research Centre) of Bordeaux failed to produce a low electrical current through a cactus, so now its researchers have been given the task of perfecting this new alternative energy source , Creating what is known as biopiles.
To generate energy, especially cactus reacts with photosynthesis in a process that releases electrons and then recapture, producing electricity.
While that has been achieved using this source of energy in small devices (a desk lamp, for example) Cheap Jerseys is Ağası not currently possible to conceive of the possibility that the electricity generated by the cactus is an alternative to solve the energy crisis affecting the planet.
Currently, the cheap oakleys amount Cheap Jerseys of energy that can be generated in this way is a thousandth of a watt, that is the equivalent of a microwatt, would require a football field full of cactus to produce only 60 watts.
Following this discovery, the scientists want to find a way to reproduce what happens in the cactus to photosynthesis, in humans.
In this case, photosynthesis would be replaced by the binding of glucose and oxygen found inside the human body naturally: this phenomenon has been called the biopiles.
So far there have been experiments in which wholesale nfl jerseys these biopiles inserted through the skin, and has managed to have enough energy to activate a walkman.
However, the size has not been practical, since oakley outlet the biopiles were approximately 15 centimeters long.
U.S. and Japanese laboratories are also interested in developing this new power source

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