Fox Promises Help for Penasco

In order to turn words into deeds, President Vicente Fox Quesada recently announced that long range programs would be elaborated for the city in the areas of housing and water with eyes set on promoting the orderly integral growth of Puerto Peñasco.

Before departing the city, and following the presentation of the new international airport of Peñasco in which 50 million dollars are to be invested, the Mexican President reiterated the commitment of the federal government to work for the people, through programs of human and social development. Fox remarked that he had sent instructions to put into immediate action programs towards this objective.

He detailed that the National Housing Commission must present within the next week a plan in order to achieve an aggressive housing program in anticipation of the growth of building homes necessary for the people of Peñasco. Similarly, he
added, the National Water Commission must elaborate a 25-year master plan in order to organize all of the work concerning water, both with respect to the provision of the liquid as well as its treatment and recycling as necessary, in order to not slow down the development of this city. Fox Quesada stated he felt comfortable and content with working in Sonora.
He further stated that he was impressed as he departed Peñasco and with the idea of highlighting throughout the country that which he saw in Puerto Peñasco, which is a land of future at the level of the aspirations of all Mexicans.

In fact, he invited all of Mexico to get to know Puerto Peñasco, and its development as there has not been anything like it on a world level; in addition to that here one could feel a vibrant Mexico, a growing Mexico, the Mexico that Mexicans are building, with economic and human development.

Praise for development in this tourist destination
Steps will be taken to do all that is necessary to assure that federal resources required to guarantee the integral development of Puerto Peñasco are “tied down” within the 2007 budget, assured Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada during his recent visit to the area.

After acknowledging the advancements that have been obtained in the area of infrastructure and private investment in the city, the President of the Republic stated, in a non-programmed speech, and while praising the advances in Peñasco, that above all is the promotion of the quality of life for the people that live here and of those that will come within the short-term.

In the first phase of his tour through this port, the Mexican head of state asked that experiences of other tourist destinations in the country be taken into account wherein integral development was lacking and therefore they dropped behind, with deficient development in the area of the quality of life of the community.

He considered that Peñasco is at a good point to establish an integral plan that goes parallel with tourist development, one which contemplates basic services such as water, sewage and electricity, in addition to areas of education, housing and health, all of which should be of the utmost quality.

Fox Quesada stressed that within the just over two months that remain of his administration, he will seek to “tie down” and consolidate these basic areas for Peñasco within the 2007 budget and moreover will update president-elect, Felipe Calderón, of the situation in order to assure the continuity necessary so that outlined plans are not halted in any manner.

The outgoing President was confident that the new federal government would support Peñasco, as it is a great project.

The Mexican President further urged incoming local mayor, Heriberto Rentería, that the Plan for Urban and Tourist Development for Puerto Peñasco, carried out by Fonatur, be submitted for the approval of the City Council, so that the same may become law, and the judicial basis formed in order to carry such out.

Fox Quesada congratulated the pioneers of Peñasco, who have been here since its beginning and have worked so that this may become a reality.

He highlighted that the strategic alliance of the public with the private reflects a common vision towards a similar goal and objective, one in which the most important aspect is community and social responsibility so that the area may have unlimited growth.

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