Food & Wine Tasting Fundraiser, November 24th, 2007

By Carmen Laborin & Phyllis LeFevre


The first annual fund raising culinary event TASTE OF PENASCO is set for Saturday, November 24th  from Noon to 6:00 p.m. and will be held at the Beachfront Esplanade at Bella Sirena Condominiums in Rocky Point Mexico. A mouth-watering event for the senses and surprises for all.  More important is the special charity that will benefit from the proceeds – “Wings of Angels”.


The event will be open to the public and guests may buy tickets for food and sample the delicacies of the various restaurants featuring their specialty dishes, and “libation stations.”  Highlights of this wonderful event will be the wine tasting offered by wineries of Baja California.  They will also offer educational classes as well as wines for sale. You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to explore the wonderful world of wine!


What started in a dinner group conversation with local “American Peñasquenses” (Ok, “Rocaportenses”) that considered having a fun food event in Peñasco included the discussion of an Iron Chef event, but then realizing the limitations of a kitchen, venue, weather, etc., they came up with a better idea which at the end accomplishes the same objective: to raise money & introduce the local favorite restaurants to the community and our visitors, having fun while building and bridging our community……thus the creation of the “Taste of Peñasco” (TOP).  The festival’s goal is to offer alternative activities and events to sun and beach for visitors and locals alike. A family oriented event including entertainment with music, karaoke and a children’s play area. Salsa lessons will be offered and we will all dance to Latin rhythms, a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon with family and friends.



While at the TOP, Puerto Peñasco’s main restaurants will showcase the culinary talents of their fine chefs, ”tasters” will -at the end of the evening- choose a winning restaurant for this event. A few of the featured restaurants are Hacienda Las Fuentes, Miguel´s Steakhouse, Max’s Café, Coffee’s Haus & Mr. Rocky.  Only 10 restaurants will participate so if you are interested, you should address the coordinators for more information  ( ). This will definitely become a major event on the local culinary calendar. There will be booths to feature the restaurants, a lounge area, as well as entertainment area by the beachfront esplanade, where all the entertainment will be taking place.  A great fiesta on a fun-filled afternoon.


The highlight of the event will be the great food.  There will also be a silent auction where art, hotel stays, dinners at the featured restaurants and a  “Bachelors’ auction” will take place. Definitely fun.


Be sure to check out our website often for the most current information on the latest news for the TOP event, even restaurant updates, contact information, sponsorship information & other useful links. It will give you a glimpse of what you simply cannot miss. The main local media will be covering the event and as usual our ROCKY POINT TIMES friends will be present to fill you in with every detail of the soirée. Be sure to save the date, it will be an exciting and incredible networking opportunity.

This annual fundraising event intends to raise money for the “WINGS OF ANGELS” foundation, a non-profit organization that works diligently to provide urgent emergency medical help to people involved in motor vehicles accidents in any of the 60 miles stretch between Sonoyta (US borderline) and Puerto Peñasco –Rocky Point- an important vacation destination. This organization was created in 1995 to provide emergency help on the highway for anyone who needs it.  This institution is struggling and it’s important that we help maintain & supply this permanent critical care facility, with paramedics, ambulances, and a doctor that work 24/7 to ensure help for both the American vacationer & Mexican residents alike.  Approximately 1,500 people have already benefited from their services.

It was once put this way “Through tragedy came inspiration”.  This project was created & funded by an individual whose daughter was killed on the highway in an incident that also took the lives of several others and started this heart-felt organization in 1995. We decided on participating since “we are all exposed to life’s unknowns and would like to be able to help when needed.  The Puerto Peñasco people and Arizonians alike drive this highway back and forth and know we are taken care of.  What most of us don’t know is that this is a one man organization and it shouldn’t be.  It needs support, why not give back some?” stated Jonni Francis, Coldwell Banker Rocky Point Owner/Broker (and sponsor of this charitable TOP event). And the committee agrees. Integrated in this first phase of coordinating all the efforts and participants are also from CB Rocky Point Phyllis LeFevre & Carmen Laborin, as well as Scott Poturalksi, The Coastal Group.

Donations can also be made directly to this organization and are tax deductible, your gift, regardless of size will be of much help to this special project, because they can help, and we can help them keep saving lives.  Your donations may be in the form of money or items such as medical equipment & supplies, sealed vitamins, etc.  Remember, your donations are tax deductible, e-mail for details:  .

Remember, 10 of the top restaurants and 15 of the most important local vendors & more than 300 people are expected at this soon to be a traditional culinary event in Peñasco. The date is Saturday November the 24th  from 12:00 to 6.00 pm at Bella Sirena Condominiums in Sandy Beach. We look forward to seeing you there. Call or e-mail us for more information: Ph. (638) 383.4699 / .

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