FM3 in Rocky Point

FM3 in Rocky Point and other parts

What do I need to Do to get the Mexican FM

To obtain the FM3 you must first buy an FMT tourist visa, shown to the right. This you can do on your own. FMTs can be purchased for $25 dollars at ports-of-entry. In our case, we purchased ours at the Lukeville/Sonoyta border

The FM3 application, shown to the left, is quite involved. The questions range from what are your father’s and mother’s name, what is your eye color, to what religion do you practice and what is the shape of your face. The application is in Spanish and the answers to the questions are required to be written in Spanish.

Have Black and White Photos Taken

To accompany the application are black and white photos of you. The photo requirements are very specific. You must have 2 identical black and white photos that are 1 X 1 inches with a straight-on head shot and a right profile head shot. Gabriela took us to a small photo studio to have our pictures taken. The studio charges $9 dollars for 2 photos that were ready in 10 minutes.

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