Fishermen approves vaquita protection program

Fishermen approve vaquita protection program 

Request for proper enforcement 


Fishermen have always, and will always, respect actions to protect the endangered vaquita sea species, affirmed Mateo Lopez Leon, President of the National Chamber of the Fishing Industry (Canainpes). With this in mind, a group of fishermen made their way to Mexicali for the North American Launching of the program to conserve this important species. 


Lopez Leon pointed out that this program, as many others, is very attractive, but requires proper enforcement by environmental authorities. He noted this is something that has not happened up to now as there have been differing statements from various offices. 


He explained that for years, fishermen from this region have collaborated with environmental aspects, even though it is scientifically proven that drag nets do not affect the vaquita in anyway. 


He added that while in mexicali, they took advantage of the presence of the head of the National Commission on Fishing and Aquaculture, Ramon Corral Avila, to demand that he intervene on order to assure fulfillment of the agreements already existing between the environmental and fishing authorities. 


Lopez Leon indicated that during the meeting concerning the Upper Gulf of California they expect Conapesca representation in order to achieve a balance and properly define fishing areas and refuge areas the sea vaquita. 


The leader of the shipowners insisted on the necessity to open up dialog in order to prevent conflicts, provide effective communication and apply adequate criteria under the regulations in effect. 


Therefore, he reiterated, the existing negotiation group has to concretely define how they are going to work, where they are going to work, and then all parties will be pleased.

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