First Course in Real Estate Management Concludes.

Firm steps towards the regulation and professionalism of local real estate activity were recently taken upon the conclusion of the first certificate course in real estate management. Twenty-six
people from the U.S.A., Canada, Spain and Mexico graduated from the course held from mid-May to mid-June. The Sonoran Institute for Public Administration, in coordination with the Sonoran Secretary of Finance and the Mexican Association of Professional Realtors (AMPI), put on the valuable course with the goal to promote knowledge and compliance with the laws and regulations that make up the “State Registry of Real Estate Agents.” This registry will allow for regulating operations of selling and purchasing, renting and other related legal actions, so that those carrying out such operations can have greater legal protection. The recent course was directed at real estate agents, individuals and companies who work as intermediaries in real estate transactions in order to obtain their registration with the Secretary of Finance. The course consisted of nine modules for a total of 104 hours of instruction and was held in the auditorium of the Technological Institute of Puerto Peñasco. In the graduation ceremonies, René Martínez Argueta, academic director of the Sonoran Institute of Public Administration, highlighted the fact that this is the fifth class of its kind in the state and the first in Puerto Peñasco to complete training to comply with the laws created by the State Registry of Real Estate Agents. He paid recognition to this first Peñasco class, as they are a positive example to follow in promptly tending to the call of the Sonoran government to provide legal assurance to the real estate market. José Galván Flores, speaking on behalf of the graduates, emphasized that there is real interest in regulating this sector while increasing professionalism. He remarked that as part of the work carried out, graduates prepared a document expressing some observations to consider in the enforcement of the new Law of Territorial Order and Urban Development. These include assuring there is legal security for development in areas subject to litigation, and to not allow indiscriminant publicity of developments “just on paper.” He observed that these concepts were introduced to the state government in the last plenary of the Sonora-Arizona and Arizona-Mexico Commission, as well as to the local administration of Puerto Peñasco. Galván Flores noted that previously in Puerto Peñasco there had been fraudulent real estate transactions, but the conditions are now such to insure this does not continue to occur. Martín Rafael Martínez González, President of the Mexican Association of Professional Realtors, thanked the Municipal and State Governments for the interest shown in opening the real estate market while paying attention to the needs for modification of the legal framework. He remarked that real estate agents, and the people of Puerto Peñasco, are committed to prepare themselves to maintain and promote professionalism among real estate agents. Mayor Heriberto Rentería Sánchez stated, “This is a very important step for real estate work in Puerto Peñasco, as the training of professionals in this area will allow for reinforcement of work required of promoters and give more confidence to investors.”
He emphasized that the city government is in favor of supporting all actions directed to the professionalism of the real estate sector and, through the Urban Development Office, they are intent on making sure that everything is done under regulations. Present at the ceremony were Rodolfo Elías Calles, Director of Commerce and Services from the Secretary of Finance, Enrique Carrión Contreras, director of ITSPP, other heads of departments and special guests

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