The Delegate of SAGARPA in Sonora, Fernando Miranda Blanco, and Mayor of Puerto Peñasco, Alejandro Zepeda Munro, inaugurated the new premises of the Federal Bureau of Fisheries in this port, an effort that will provide a better service to the fishermen of the region.

With an investment of 1.5 billion pesos in infrastructure and equipment, the Federal Bureau of Fisheries Rocky becomes the first 6 offices in the State, which participates in the Institutional Development of SAGARPA, which strives to offer its users dignified spaces, functional and comfortable.

“For 3 years the idea of ​​having this personal space to meet the producers of the best, and today, with the willingness of Mayor Alejandro Zepeda, who initially supported us and made to pay the Cheap wholesale jerseys Oakleys few resources we had The dream of moving to this office a reality, percentual “said hockey jerseys Miranda.

The Federal Commissioner reiterated that these new facilities are for the benefit of fishermen and shore height, which now have a space that can apply to carry out their meetings and make the necessary arrangements for the development of the sector.

“We have the first, hence we are going to Guaymas, because there fishers also need good care office, we only hope that the Mayor, Cesar Lizarraga, support us with space to just get into the modernization of the office,” said Miranda Blanco.

For its part, Alejandro Zepeda said that the City of Puerto Peñasco continue cheap oakleys to support the fisheries sector this year, seek to build a new pier.

During 2010, SAGARPA and the National Commission on Fisheries (Conapesca) invested about 72 million pesos to support the fishermen in this region, through its major programs such as Marine Diesel, Gasoline Riverside, Engine Replacement, Modernization and Withdrawal of Fleet.

“We are working in the fisheries management program, we expect between now and 3 months to conclude the badging of the fishermen, and the process of chipping the boats and this year we bring back the engine replacement program and we support projects added value, “said the Commissioner.

At the opening of the new office located at Calle 12 No. 199, Port Area, attended by the Deputy Delegate of Fisheries, José wholesale nfl jerseys Luis Moreno Gomez, City Clerk of Puerto Peñasco, José Ramón Campos, and the Chief of the Bureau of Fisheries, Hermenegildo Ramírez.

As the Captain of the Port, Miguel Ángel Ramón Gómez, Andrés Fernando Sosa Admiral, Commander of the Military ray ban sunglasses Naval Sector, Mateo López León, president of the Federation of Shipowners and Littoral, and the lord of the Committee on Fisheries, Célida Pérez Duarte as well cheap oakleys sunglasses as representatives of SEMARNAT, and Conanp Profepa

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