Family Activities

Family Activities

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Rocky Point, Mexico has long been known for hours and hours of discovery and fascination for kids at Sea of Cortez. It doesn’t matter what beach you are on, when the tide goes out a whole new world is uncovered. Tidepools are full of fish, crabs, starfish and many other sea creatures. Even at low tide many of these activities can still be enjoyed. For the more adventurous there are ultra light rides that take you high above the Sea of Cortez.Or head over to Cet-Mar Aquarium and spend hours feeding the turtles, sharks and sea lions. If your looking for shopping, go down in Old Port along the Malecon. And most weekends you will be entertained by local musicians, jugglers, fire breathers and other talents. CEDO, the study of oceans and deserts offers a free educational and fun tour which is an excellent way for the whole family to spend a few hours. You get to learn about the Sea of Cortez and its inhabitants and see a full length Fin Whale Skeleton. Or maybe head to the Malecon in oakley outlet the Old Port fake ray bans for cultural activities and great sunset photos. This area, once known for cruising and hanging out, has now become a beautiful section of town where the family can take a long stroll along the Sea of Cortez, eat at various restaurants and shop for curios, jewelry and fine art and grab some cool ice cream treats. The Malecon has been host to many city sponsored activities such as musical bands, ceremonies, charity walks, business expos, art walks and various family oriented activities at the Governor’s Plaza. Also, come to see Rocky Point’s new movie theater. The movie theater is located in Plaza Puerto Mio, has 6 theaters and a concession area. Plaza Puerto Mexico  is located just in front of the docks on Luis Encinas and Blvd. Benito Juarez.


We have the most magnificent scenery: breathtaking sunsets, dolphins and sea lions, volcanic craters, natural Wholesale Jerseys sand dunes, pristine beaches, protected estuaries and so much more. There are no limitations when taking a kayak Wholesale NFL Jerseys out into the Sea of Cortez except sunscreen up and get the camera ready. Even if you just hang out around the shoreline you are sure to see dolphins, schools of fish, sting rays and perhaps a sea lion or two. For the more adventurous Rocky Point is home to a few beautiful estuaries than wind back and forth for miles. These protected pathways of turquoise water rise and empty with the tide. At high tide you are eye level with the salt grass and beautiful birds that you will not be able to find in any other part of the world. The estuaries are a birders paradise as well as a photographer’s or just a nature lover. Birds aren’t the only creatures hanging out in the estuaries – you may spot a coyote or two and are surely to Cheap Oakleys see a couple varieties of crabs. Kayaking silently through these wetlands are the best way to see the plant I and animal life of these truly beautiful areas.

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